Frequently Asked Questions


Can beginners book a session with me?

Of course, yes. The session will be designed appropriately for beginners. As always, there will be a pre- and post-session talk.

Can people with disabilities visit me as well?

Yes, of course. The session will be adapted accordingly. Unfortunately, the Studio Centric in Stuttgart is not barrier-free.

I welcome people of all colours.

How does this whole thing work?

The basic procedure is: Clarification by telephone or in writing whether the inclinations fit together, making an appointment, if necessary a deposit for new clients, preliminary talk on site, handing over the fee, shower, start of the session, session, end of the session, shower, follow-up talk, leaving the studio. The pre- and post-session talk as well as the shower time are not included in the paid time. The booked time is the pure playing time. Non-alcoholic drinks and fresh towels are also provided.

Are meetings at the hotel or "private" possible?


Am I looking for a private slave?


Is oral sex or sexual intercourse possible?

Just read my listing. Spoilers: no.

How do I make an appointment request?

Please check my calendar for my attendance days, when I will be in the studio and please read my inclinations and taboos carefully. Then it’s best to send me an email, WhatsApp or SMS with a greeting, the desired date, your preferred experiences and the length of your stay. I am rarely available by phone.

How much does it cost to spend time with me?

Regularly the hour costs between 250,-€ and 300,- €, the prices are based on time and not on service.

Surcharges only apply for latex, clinic or other materials, depending on the material costs. Please ask for details. The prices are not negotiable.

The fee is payable in cash and before the session. PayPal is also possible.

Filming / photographing in the session

By arrangement. If you would like to be filmed and photographed – anonymously if you wish – please let me know. I will gladly put the material on my OnlyFans account or, if applicable, on Twitter or my website.